CONTEST: Name That Celebrity Sprite! (Xbox 360)

Yesterday, we posted our list of The Worst Celebrity Renders of All Time, in which we laughed, cried and recoiled in horror as dozens of our favorite stars were transformed into unrecognizable pixel beasts. Robert Downey Jr., Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Harrison Ford… no one was safe from the fuglifying powers of gaming technology.

We also discovered a lot of celebrities that were simply TOO TINY to discuss. They sure were adorable, though, so we found a way to include them. This contest.

Name That Celebrity Sprite! (Xbox 360)

Name That Celebrity Sprite! (Xbox 360)1) Can you correctly identify from what game and what platform each of the sprites above originated?

2) Can you also identify all nine “Bonus!” celebrity sprites in†The Worst Celebrity Renders of All Time? Again, what game and what platform?

If so, send an email with your answers to The first person to get everything right – for all 33 celebrity sprites – will win a brand new game. Your choice, so long as the game costs $60 or less and is readily available for purchase in the United States.

Deadline for entries is Saturday, May 31st. Further rules and guidelines can be found†here. Happy hunting!

May 16, 2008

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