The best Fable 2 shots yet (Fable 2)

Microsoft Game Studios has dropped off three new screenshots of the lovely Fable 2, and these ones in particular show off the fantastic artwork being churned out by team Lionhead.

We recently travelled to the dev’s (then) sunny HQ to see the game, talk to the devs and eat all of Molyneux’s sandwiches.

The best Fable 2 shots yet (Fable 2)

You can see the fruits of our visit in this eyes-on preview, and this sit down with Lionhead mastermind Peter Molyneux. It was a busy day.

“RPGs are one of the most complex game types there are,” says Mr. M. “But for me, the idea of being who I want to be and my character being different to yours I think is one of the coolest genres of game.

“I think we should take that challenge of having casual people, who have never played games before, mixed with core people – why shouldn’t we have a game like this where both those types of people can play together?”

Read the full interview here.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 13, 2008

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