Son of “Godfather” creator sues Paramount (The Godfather)

Anthony Puzo, son of Godfather creator Mario Puzo, has taken Paramount to court for allegedly not paying revenues on the Godfather videogame.

Puzo is claiming for $1 million in damages, after he agreed with his father in 1992 to pay up a share of revenues from any sold or rented audio-visual productions containing Godfather elements.

“In material breach of the audio-visual products agreement, Paramount has failed and refused to pay the Puzo Estate the sums due it in respect of the Godfather game,” says Puzo in the court filing, according to Reuters.

Paramount gave EA the license to publish the game based on the first Godfather movie, which released on Xbox and PS2, and later on Wii. There’s even been recent talk of a sequel from EA.

Insert your own “make an offer they can’t refuse” joke here.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 19, 2008

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