New Need for Speed uncovered (Need For Speed: Pro Street)

The next Need for Speed game from EA will be titled Need for Speed Undercover, EA boss man John Riccitello has confirmed.

Little-to-no gameplay details were revealed when we contact EA, but Riccitello did reveal during a recent speech that the game would feature a “very strong mission structure”, and an embedded storyline, according to various reports.

Riccitello also admitted that the previous game, Pro Street, wasn’t quite up to scratch, but to make sure that doesn’t happen again, he went on to reveal that the series has been shifted over to a two-year development cycle, which has two separate teams working to release games biannually.

Just as Pro Street tried to take the series in a new direction, Undercover is expected to try new things with the franchise too, but our EA contact declined to reveal any further info, other than that more details will be revealed soon. Obviously.

No platforms were specified, so we’ll assume it’ll be on everything. Absolutely everything.

Courtesy of CVG

Jun 19, 2008


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