GamesRadar is getting even more better (Xbox 360)

In our ongoing commitment to deliver the number one destination for web-surfing gamers, GamesRadar is pleased to announce that in the next few weeks users will be able to get properly involved with their favourite gaming site and become an important part of the dysfunctional-but-happy GR family thanks to the introduction of a host of dazzling new community features.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

* Create your own profile and become an active member of the GR community. Choose your GamesRadar identity, upload your own profile image, tell the rest of the GamesRadar patrons who you are, where you’re from and what you’re about. Swap Gamertags, IDs and Friend Codes. Make allies. Make adversaries. Maybe even meet your future life-partner through a common love for gaming. It could happen!

* Have your say. All articles and game pages on GamesRadar will be furnished with user commenting, meaning you’ll be able to give feedback the minute you finish reading. We know gamers have plenty to say about gaming and GamesRadar’s own brand of carefully crafted creative output, so where better to word dump all your opinionated, mindfully constructed adoration/hatred than on the GamesRadar site itself? Debate. Enthuse. Bitch. Argue.

* Be a law-abiding, douche-bag busting, spam-defeating sheriff in the GR badlands. The GamesRadar community will be self-moderated, so that means you will have the power to do something about any rudely offensive no-gooders that insist on spoiling the party.

* Talk to people from all over the world. We’re unifying both the US and UK GamesRadar forums into one all powerful RadarNation. That means no matter which side of the Atlantic you’re posting from, you’ll be part of the same RadarNation social microcosm. We’re striving for internet World peace.

GamesRadar is getting even more better (Xbox 360)

And that’s just the first stage of the community roll-out. We’ve got more features in the pipeline that we’ll be announcing soon. Our ultimate goal is to create a friendly online neighbourhood where like-minded gamers can celebrate gaming and all its glorious subcultures.

Join the GamesRadar family soon. We can’t wait to have you on board.

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  • GamesRadar is getting even more better (Xbox 360)
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