GamerBlips highlights best of video game blogs (Xbox 360)

Take your eye off the Web for a split second and you may not recognize it. Gaming information blasts out in a 24/7 cycle from Websites, blogs, and a barrage of social networking apps that dominate how people converse, socialize, and gather information. But how much information is too much?

With an eye on the growing video game market – and the vast volume of sites and blogs that cover the industry’s every move – Future US, publisher of the Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation The Official Magazine, Nintendo Power and GamesRadar, today, a comprehensive news and information site aimed at providing a fresh look at PC and videogame news, previews, and reviews as they break.

GamerBlips highlights best of video game blogs (Xbox 360)

From well-known blogs Joystiq and Destructoid to indie gaming sites like Tigsource to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Siliconera, 4 Color Rebellion, and Nerfbat among many others, GamerBlips aggregates their stories in one location. GamerBlips links directly to the blogs it culls from, while offering contextually related and popular articles on its story pages. In addition to hosting a community for lunatic gamers and noobs fresh off Google, GamerBlips’ users can submit their own content, promote and demote stories, comment on articles, and debate and discuss topics.

Gamers can find robust and accessible community tools on GamerBlips. What do gamers think about Ensemble Studios’ demise? What about the new Halo 3 additions, Capcom’s latest version of Mega Man, EA’s Spore, or Star Wars The Force Unleashed? Users can create a profile in less than a minute, jump into a conversation and track like-minded gamers, create groups, and message each other with little hassle. Whether you’re a blogger just starting out or a well-established tome, the site’s blog tracking tools provide nifty data points including daily referrals, rankings, and more. follows last week’s launch last week’snews story), an aggregator focused solely on massively multiplayer online games (MMOs like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online) and virtual worlds (such as Second Life). Since its acquisition of BallHype, Inc. this summer (which brought, the US arm of the well-known British media company has launched six new “Blips” sites in all:BeltwayBlips(American politics),GadgetBlips(hardware gadgets and kooky peripherals),MacBlips(dedicated Apple and Mac news),42Blips(science fiction news and features),MassiveBlips,

Sep 25, 2008

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  • GamerBlips highlights best of video game blogs (Xbox 360)
  • GamerBlips highlights best of video game blogs (Xbox 360)
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