PC Gamer UK gets reboot (Xbox 360)

The world’s premier PC gaming magazine, PC Gamer UKhas been revamped, redesigned and relaunched – the firstfull rebootsince 1993 – to reflect the changing face of PC gaming.

We asked Ross Atherton, editor of the mag to tell us what’s new…

“In a world full of delicious websites such as, I dunno, GamesRadar for example, why would people spend cash on games magazines?,” Atherton asks (while simultaneously andunexpectedlymassaging our ego).

“That question is at the heart of the changes we’ve made to PC Gamer UK. In a nutshell, we’ve made it better. Better articles, better design, better cock jokes. Most importantly, we’ve got stuff you just can’t get on the web: in-depth articles unique to PC Gamer.”

We’ve seen the new magazine and it’s as brilliant as Ross says. If you need further convincing as to why you should buy it today, PC Gamer UK has produced a launch video that puts their new focus across with more acumen than us babbling on about what an astonishing job they’ve done.

Key games featured in the new issue:
Starcraft II
Aliens Vs Predator
The Secret World
Champions Online

– How to use cutting-edge mobile broadband to play PC games anywhere
– The latest on hit MMOs World of Warcraft and Eve Online
– Reviews of Demigod, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and Braid

PC Gamer UK gets reboot (Xbox 360)

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PC GamerUKmagazineis published by Future Publishing, and is part of the GamesRadar network.


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