Soulcalibur IV: All the boobs and bums (Soulcalibur IV)

May 24, 2008

Just in time to get you, ahem, ‘in the mood’ for the weekend, Namco Bandai has offloaded a plethora of polygonal boobs and bums in these new Soulcalibur IV screenshots - which, by the way, is still a beat-em-up.

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FIFA 09: First details emerge (FIFA 09)

May 24, 2008

The first details have started to trickle in on EA Sports’ FIFA 09.

US mag GamePro reports ”considerable gameplay improvements,” the most significant of which sounds like “increased responsiveness” from passing, dribbling and the physical pushing and shoving that occurs in a game.

Apparently thanks to some excellent and refined animation work, FIFA 09 feels “much faster and more realistic” than previous iterations, and this has “a huge positive impact” on the quality of play.

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New(ish) LEGO Batman screens (LEGO Batman: The Videogame)

May 24, 2008

If LEGO games had voiceovers, we’d be too afraid of hearing Schwarzenegger’s brutally awful dialogue to actually play LEGO Batman after seeing these new screens.

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Resident Evil 5 coming this year? (Resident Evil 5)

May 24, 2008

Capcom has unveiled that it plans to bring Resident Evil 5 out simultaneously for Xbox 360 and PS3 before the end of its financial year ’08, which ends April.

The news comes straight out of the company’s latest financial report and also lists Bionic Commando and MotoGP 08 as planned releases before the end of FY 08.

It’s worth noting that the financial year ends next April. Looking back over past release dates, Resident Evil 4 came out in January in Japan and North America, so there is a chance is won’t make the shelf before Christmas.

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Square Enix 360-exclusive RPG dated (Infinite Undiscovery)

May 24, 2008

Square Enix has confirmed that its first Xbox 360-exclusive RPG, Infinite Undiscovery, will be released worldwide on September 2.

The game is being developed by Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile dev Tri-Ace, and has been described (by Square Enix) as an epic RPG where “various situations unfold in a world that changes in real time, with players’ choices leading to unknown discoveries.”

After Valkyrie Profile 2’s excellent reception last year, this could turn out to be a good’en.

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Niko Bellic Impersonation Contest (Grand Theft Auto IV)

May 24, 2008

Seems like everywhere you go nowadays, people are smack-talking in a ridiculous Eastern European accent. The culprit? The cultural phenomenon known as GTA IV has rocketed protagonist Niko Bellic to superstardom. So fire up your webcams, Radar Nation: We want to see your best Niko Bellic impersonation. Stick your vid on YouTube, then post it in this thread.

The winner gets a fine item from our hoard of kick-ass GTA IV swag, and will appear in an upcoming feature on GamesRadar. What a country! Terms and conditions follow:

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Splinter Cell Conviction “back to the drawing board” (Splinter Cell Conviction)

May 20, 2008

Splinter Cell Conviction has been taken “back to the drawing board” by Ubisoft Montreal.

That’s according to a report in the latest UK issue of Xbox World 360. Though Ubisoft isn’t saying anything, the mag says it’s heard that the surprising development decision has forced Splinter Cell back into the festive period of 2009 – or as late as Spring 2010.

Conviction has been in development for some years now, surfacing early last year with combat involving dynamic scenery and crowd stealth gameplay that focused on mixing in with the public in Washington DC – a bit like Assassin’s.

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